6 Signs Showing That You Need to Redesign Your Website

After spending years away from your hometown, finally, you are home. Last night you walked into the same store and found that nothing was changed. What kind of impression does this leave? Maybe the business has failed to keep up with the times. Although it depends on the business, it is likely to be a big problem for the business. The website of your online store is just like the store you walked into last night. You are leaving a bad impression. Your potential buyer thinks the same way. When it comes to keeping up with time, you are a failure. This gives you a genuine reason for changing the design of your website. Even when the majority of your potential buyers are not tech-savvy, they are likely to be fed up of the same looks. In this article, we are sharing the eight signs you should look for in your website. If you notice any of these signs, find a web design company in Australia.

Your website looks outdated

It has been more than two or three years you have redesigned your website. Content is not design. Admittedly, content is king. However, it is not everything. If you have not redesigned your website for more than 18 months, your website design is outdated. Moreover, the design is not aligned with the latest Google updates. This is the reason why your website is losing rank and you are not getting business online.

Your website is hard to use                 

The navigation of the majority of older websites is not intuitive. Ask someone to use your website and then ask about his browsing experience. If your website is hard to use then no one will stick around. They will find some other website to buy. You are losing business and your competitor is getting business.

It is taking forever to load

We all have a short attention span. Don’t waste the time of your audience or potential customer. Make sure that your website is quick. The website loading time should not be more than 3 seconds. Otherwise, this is a big problem. The web design practices are changed. If you are hiring a web design company in Australia to get your website redesigned, your website will need less memory and takes less time to load.

It has too less or inaccurate content

Update your content on a regular basis and it should be simple, accurate and to the point. A customer reads product details before buying a product online. If there is no detail available for the product then no one is going to buy it.

Your customers have started hating your website

You once had loyal customers. However, now all you have is negative feedback. You should take this negative feedback seriously. Make some positive changes in your website. You need these changes to remain in the competition.

Your SEO is going fruitless

SEO brings more traffic which can be converted to business. You are putting some serious efforts on the search engine optimization of your website but your efforts are bearing to fruit. Redesign your website and follow SEO web design guidelines.

If you want an approachable presence on the web, you have to take online marketing very seriously. Search engine optimization, social media marketing, social media optimization, search engine marketing or any other online marketing technique can bear no fruit if your website is badly designed.

Finding a skilled and experienced team of web designers and developers can completely change the game for you. However, don’t seal the deal with any random web design company in the country. Do some research. Check ratings and reviews. See what the clients of the company have to say about the web design services the company provides.

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