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How To Employ Efficient Colorbond Roof Replacement Services?

Roofing accounts for a considerable part of your investment on your house. Currently, there are a number of options that are available to a homeowner while getting the old tile roof replaced. One of the dilemmas a homeowner goes through while getting their old tile roof replaced is to choose between tiles or Colorbond steel. While tiles have always been a popular choice with homeowners, colorbond roof replacements have earned a reputation as being durable and long lasting. Let’s know more about them.

Know about Colorbond

Colorbond steel is made of Zincalume, which is an alloy of zinc and aluminum coating. This strong, yet lightweight material is known for its anti-corrosion properties. This roofing material is fitted on the roof by removing the old roofing material and then installing timber battens for a smooth finish. Resistance to moisture and leakage is ensured by laying an anti-condensation blanket over which the colorbond roof is installed. Flashings roll top ridge capping and valley gutters are laid to ensure that the roof remains watertight. This process of replacing your colorbond roof takes from anywhere between 2 to 5 days.

Here Are A Few Things You Need to Know About Colorbond Roof Replacements:

Colorbond Roof Replacement
Colorbond Roof Replacement
  • The most important part of the process of colorbond roof replacement is choosing the contractor. Despite its importance, this part remains mostly ignored, with homeowners delegating this work to the first contractor they find or their friends, or even worse, choosing to do it themselves. This should be avoided at all costs since the wrong choice can lead to a host of problems, ranging from structural problems such as internal gyprock staining, mold and moisture to the more serious ones like a voided warranty.
  • The only person who should be authorized to install the roof should be a licensed roof plumber. Without the roof plumbing license attached to the trade license, the warranty of the Colorbond roof is void.
  • For experienced contractors, the colorbond roof replacement process is simple enough, in fact, easier than installing tile roofs. While it is imperative that the material be installed as per the building codes and the manufacturer’s instructions, the upside is that colorbond roofs and metal roofs, in general, are stronger than tile roofs. The implication is that the material is highly resistant to damage which is usually caused during the installation process. Contrast this to tile roofs, which are more fragile and sensitive to damage by trades’ people walking on it during installation.
  • Another upside of colorbond roof replacement process is that it is lightweight, meaning that large areas of the roof can be covered by a fewer number of people. This reduces the damage caused by exposure of the roof to many people. Tiles, on the other hand, are heavy, thereby making it difficult to store and transport. Also, the process of replacement by tiles is a labor heavy process. This increases the probability of damages.
  • A common challenge faced by contractors during the installation of tile roofs is that of tile pointing and roof capping. This is absent in colorbond roof replacement.
  • The best thing about colorbond is the flexibility it brings with itself. This material is currently every architect’s favorite material to work with, simply because of the various color options and possibilities of design. They can be installed on low pitch and flat roofs as well.
  • The lightweight nature of colorbond also results in significant cost savings. This is not only due to the smaller workforce needed during installation, but also the lesser equipment such as lighter battens and space rafters required in the colorbond roof replacement process.

In all, colorbond roof replacement seems to be an attractive option if you are replacing your old tile roof. It is safer, faster and less expensive. This article should now help to you make an informed choice.

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