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Different Types Of Women Clothing That Are Done

Clothing is done to protect ourselves from the extremely harsh environmental conditions. Clothes were made so many years ago to protect ourselves from the different types of environmental conditions.

Clothing of Indian males and females

In India clothing of people differ from state to state.

Each state has its own traditional dress. Clothing of Indian people differs in ethnicity, geography, climate, and cultural traditions and many more according to the state or region.

Historically male and female dresses that are mostly worn by the people of India are kaupinam, lungi, saree, gamucha; Kurtis is the dresses that are mostly worn by the people of India.

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Importance of clothing in India

Protects you from all kind of weather.

Protects you from the harmful rays of sun i.e., the UV rays.

Gives you protection against the harsh environmental conditions.

Protects you from all kind of reasons such as; woolen clothes are worn in winters and protect people from cold. In summers, cotton clothes are worn to protect you from the extremely hot environment.

Female clothing in India

In earlier times, female used to wear sarees, Kurtis, and lenghas. In simple words, only traditional dresses were meant for women but now with the changing time, women had started wearing all the types of western clothes also. Different types of women clothing are as follows:

1. Saree

A saree is also written as a sari. It is commonly worn by all the females. Sarees are the traditional dresses of each and every state just the fact is that the wearing style of saree can differ from one state to another. Saree is the best outfit that can be worn by a female.

2. Mekhela Sador

It is a type of dress of people of Assam. Assam women wear these types of sarees and this is the traditional wear of them. This dress is divided into three-piece clothing which consists of a blouse, skirt and one dupatta and with these three items saree is worn. This dress is worn only by the Assam people.

3. Kurtis

This is also the most common wear of people of north India. Kurtis is worn in North Indian culture by the women’s. This is the most comfortable dress that is worn by women. It is made up of every kind of stuff. It is made from woolen, cotton, silk and so many other stuff also.

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