Things To Know About Optometry

A lot of students every year take admissions into colleges under various streams of medical science. There is always a bit confusing when it comes to optometry. Not many people understand this stream properly and end up being confused between Optometrist, an Ophthalmologist, and an Optician. There is a clear difference between all the three careers though they all deal with only one part of the body i.e. eyes.

What Is Optometry?

Optometry is a career filed which deals in professionally examining the eye’s health and diagnosing diseases using a set of medicated tools. Earlier, this stream was limited to use of tools to detect the kind of refractive errors in eyes and to provide glasses accordingly. However, in recent years, optometry has evolved much from its previous vigour and involves high medical training during studies to manage and cure vision errors in a much professional way using better technology.

What are career opportunities for optometry graduates?

An optometry graduate is called a Doctor of optometry or Optometrist simply, has ample career opportunities to sustain and earn enough money. There are multiple career options available for any doctor. Similarly, an optometrist can choose any of the following routes to build his career.

  • Private Practitioner– An Optometrist may start his or her career as a private practitioner by opening their private clinic and serving the patients directly.
  • Group Practitioner: A set of two or more Optometry graduates may practice in partnership by owning a private clinic. This also involves direct service to the patients.
  • Corporate: One can get chance to work in a corporate setting in optometry to work on the development of eye-related products or direct patient care.
  • Military Optometrist: An Optometrist may also find a career in the military as an eye doctor of the army. They also get an army officer rank in the military.
  • Academics– Optometrist may decide to further expand their knowledge by choosing to join an academic setting as an Optometry professor.
  • Research: It encompasses research and accumulation advance optometry knowledge to the development of treatment tools for eyes diseases.

What Is The Difference Between Opticians Optometrists And Ophthalmologists?

People often tend to get confused between these terms as they all deal with ocular diseases. But in the root form their job is completely different and of varying levels.

  • Opticians: These are professionals dedicated to fitting the lenses to the eyes of the patients and give the right glasses as prescribed. They don’t examine the patients.
  • Optometrist: An Optometrist is a professional who is concerned with the primary health care. He examines and provides prescriptions for the ocular diseases to enhance the vision. They are the optometry graduate practitioner.
  • Ophthalmologists: An Ophthalmologist is a highly professional medical doctor who holds specialization in eyes diseases and can perform surgery.

Conclusion :

Thus, Optometry is a field of medical science where people specialize in ocular diseases diagnosis and treatment. These Optometrists are the ones who are often sought after for any kind of vision disorders. They are well equipped with the latest technology to detect any kind of refractive errors and prescribe a solution for it. The career options in optometry are vast which makes it even more desirable stream. Optometry has evolved over years and has enhanced the patient care services. An Optometrist today can cure ocular diseases without surgery with use of certain advanced lenses.

An Optometry graduate may earn a good salary by just practicing in private or even while working with an organization. People who wish to join optometry must choose their stream during colleges to end up in the line of professional doctors.

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