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Go Green: 5 Ways To Power Your Home With Eco-friendly Renewable Energy

Due to the extreme climate change that’s been brewing for the past decade, most people are on the lookout for means to save the environment and the planet itself. And one of the most excellent ways to help the environment and save money is to power your home with renewable energy.

Renewable energy comes from different forms of natural resources such as the water, wind, and sun. Rather than purchasing energy from suppliers, you can easily install low-carbon technologies or renewable technologies to produce your own.

There are plenty of reasons on why you should use renewable energy in your home. For example, by using the renewable energy, you can potentially cut your monthly bills and save money. To know more, check out the five ways to power your home with renewable energy.

Solar Water Heating

Solar power does not only have to produce electricity. Hence, you can also utilize the energy of the sun to heat water. Solar Hot Water utilizes the energy of the sun to heat the stocked water in your home for which you can eventually use through shower heads or faucets.

As such, this form of renewable energy is far more economical compared to electricity or gas to heat your reserved water. Plus, it is much easier and simpler to install compared to solar panels.

If you are not yet ready to fully commit to using renewable energy to power your home, solar water heating can be an excellent alternative. Make sure to choose a solar water heater that works best for your home and your family.

Solar Panels On Your Roof

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Rooftop solar panels are one of the most common and straightforward ways to power your home with renewable energy. An ordinary house can potentially consume a kilowatt of power. Thus, therefore by installing several square feet of solar panels, you can probably generate enough power in your home.

However, if your present roof is already old, you can also think about purchasing solar shingles. Installing solar shingles will replace your roof tiles, while fixed rooftop solar panels are on top of your roof.

The only drawback of using solar power is that it only functions when the sun is up. You will need to pay or compensate for grid electricity or opt for another type of renewable energy.

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are yet another type of alternative energy source. They are commonly found in floating offshore or in wind farms, but if your property is large enough, you can invest for a small wind turbine to potentially power your home.

However, there are a couple of disadvantages when you decide to use a wind turbine which makes them less well-liked in residential areas. Wind turbines can produce lots of unpleasant sound or noises, and they consume big spaces.

But if these drawbacks do not bother you, wind turbines can be a significant asset. They are far more stable and durable than solar panels, and a fairly large wind turbine can generate almost all of your electricity needs.


This form of renewable energy will not work for everyone. But, if your real estate includes a source of flowing water, you are in luck. You can channel some of the river or stream flow by way of a turbine to power your home.

There are a lot of ways to deal about these things, but for the most part, you will want to search for the large-scale vertical distance for which the water will flow, and deflect it so that it travels through a turbine in a reserved manner.

However, depending on the volume of water and the distance, you can generate a significant amount of energy to power your home. Know that installing a hydropower generator is never easy. Thus you might need a professional to set it up for you.

Hydropower is much more advantageous than wind and solar power. It is continuous and stable, which means that you have a steady source of electricity you need in your home.

Solar Air Conditioning

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It may seem bizarre to utilize the heat from the sun to give your home a cool breeze, but that is absolutely what solar air conditioning fulfills. It utilizes the same guidelines for the solar water heater. However, it makes use of the hot water to produce a cool breeze in your home.

Of course, air conditioning system consumes more electricity compared to the other types of equipment in your home. And it will cost you a large amount of money annually, particularly if you own central air and you reside in a warm climate. By utilizing solar air conditioning, you can save lots of money, and you can also help the environment.


Environmentalists have been reprimanding about the quick reduction of the earth’s natural fuel resources. And it looks like people are finally acknowledging the need to switch to renewable and eco-friendly energy. There are a lot of ways to power your home with renewable energy. Solar water heating, rooftop solar panels, wind turbines, hydropower, and solar air conditioning are some of them. Save money, help the environment, and power your home with these renewable resources.

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