Prominent Reasons for Choosing Cheap Granny Flat Kits and Transportable Homes

Many aged people prefer to lead a peaceful life separately from their children and grandchildren, where they may live according to their own accords. So, the concept of building individual granny flats has gained popularity among the elderly people. Now many families want to buy cheap granny flat kits and transportable homes for the aged members so that these modular homes can be easily shifted elsewhere if needed. Also, these flat kits may be folded up and kept aside, if the aged residents need extra healthcare and have to live with their children again.

Granny Flats
Granny Flats

Benefits of Buying Cheap Granny Flat Kits and Transportable Homes

The granny flats are actually alternatives to normal homes and need to be comfortable enough for the elderly occupants. So, it is better to buy the cheap granny flat kits and transportable homes only from reliable manufacturers, who will provide free installation as well. There are many benefits of buying these specially built modular homes for the aged people.

  • Better Durability – The materials of these homes are highly durable in nature and any kind of rotting or infestations of termites are prevented in the parts of granny flats. As these homes are made of strong steel frames, there is hardly any chance of shrinkage or expansion of the doors and windows. Due to this structural strength, these mobile homes are found to last as long as 50 years.
  • Ensure safety – These steel frames and other building materials are totally non-combustible and thus, the homes are safe from fire breakout. As the building parts of these flats are very sturdy in nature, it is not easy for the intruders or burglars to break open the doors.
  • Easy to install – All the building materials are very light in nature and can be handled very easily by the family members during the installation of this kind of granny flat. The manufacturers also provide manual with each flat kit so that anyone can complete the installation just by following the given instructions, without taking any professional help. However, the buyers can always ask for help from the manufacturing company, in case of facing any difficulty in installing the home.
  • Hassle-free transportation – The lightweight of the building materials helps the owners to uninstall and pack up these granny flats, for transporting elsewhere if the residents want to relocate to any distant place.
  • Attractive appearance – Different types of designs of the building layouts are available for the modular granny flats, due to which the elderly residents have the options of choosing the appearances of their homes. There are also possibilities of increasing the carpet areas of these homes, by adding more units to the existing flats.
  • Options for all amenities – The modular granny flats are provided with the necessary arrangements of installing all types of audio-video appliances with cable channels, internet connections and all other amenities for ensuring best comforts to the aged occupants.
  • Eco-friendly – Usually, all the materials, like the steel and PVC used for making the modular granny flats are friendly to the surrounding environment. Moreover, all these materials can be recycled for using in other forms as well, when the old granny flats will be no more in use. These homes are also energy efficient due to the insulated walls and ceilings, as well as the glazed glasses on the windows, resulting in the use of heating or cooling appliances.
  • Cheap costs – As these modular building structures are constructed in factories and transported to the allotted site, the buyers can expect to get very cheap granny flat kits and transportable homes for their uses. The costs of these mobile homes are much lesser than the traditional on-site constructed houses.

These specially designed modular homes can be erected over any type of surface, due to the artificial foundations used for installing the total building constructions.

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