Best Outdoor Laser Light: What You Need To Know About Laser Lights

Knowing more about laser lights could lead you to have the best outdoor laser light being installed during holidays. So, read this article to know more about laser lights!


Holidays are among the happiest moments of the year, especially Christmas holidays. This is a fact that we couldn’t deny and could be observed almost all over the world. Aside from being with our loved ones altogether, preparing delightful dishes, spending quality time and more, one of the reasons why many are too excited for a holiday season is that it’s the time to decorate your place with beautiful and attractive decorations.

And I assume you are familiar with Xmas laser lights? Or outdoor laser lights? Am I right? Well, aside from Christmas trees and sparkling Christmas decors, the popularity of using laser lights are on its peak these days.

Figure 1. Laser lights and a Christmas tree

But, what you should know about laser lights? Do you know how it works? Do you think it is only used during Christmas season? Perhaps, you still have to learn more about laser lights.

Laser Lights Overview

Do you know that lasers are the most powerful source of light on earth? In fact, laser lights are heavily used in both outdoor and indoor events. For indoor events, indoor laser lights are used in themed parties, corporate shows, beacons, openings, displays in trade shows and parties held in planetariums.

And for outdoor laser lights, they are used for premiers, laser searchlights, grand openings, launch parties, premieres and major special events.

The laser lights are being used in order to create structures in mid-air that bring life to an event. Some of these structures could include fans, shafts, and cones. In making these shapes a lot more visible, haze or theatrical fog is mostly used. Based on the event, the beams of the light could be slow or fast.

Figure 2. Laser lights

And one of the most exciting things regarding lasers is the brilliant colors. You could use any color which fits the event. It is your choice whether you want to use only one color or more. I recommend the use of lime green since it is more visible compared to other colors.

With that, there could really be an assurance of dashing lights that could entertain and make everyone a lot happier during Christmas season or any other special holidays and occasions.

Characteristics of Laser Lights

It is essential that if you plan to purchase laser lights to be installed outside your place, then being more familiar with its quirks. Here are some of them:

  • Laser lights are intense. But specific lasers are powerful only. Intensity would mean the measure of a power per unit area, and so those lasers that could emit a few milliwatts could produce a high intensity in a beam of a millimeter in diameter. Be wary that its intensity could be the same as the sunlight.
  • Laser lights are coherent wherein all light waves from the laser are neatly coupled together. With an ordinary light such as a light bulb, it generates light waves which begin in different mementos and also moves in different directions. This light bulb is like cartridges while laser lights could be described as a machine gun.
  • Laser beams are narrow and they don’t disperse as the other beams, and this is referred as directionality. These beams of lights would start to spread in memento that is out of focus achieving that degree of dispersion that comes to lose its usefulness. On the other hand, these laser beams have captured a few watts of power on the moon successfully, and the lights would still be bright that you could still see it from the ground.
Figure 3. Abstract laser lights

Here’s a video to watch that could help you more in knowing how laser lights work:

Final Thoughts

Indeed, knowing essential things about laser lights could help you come up with attractive decorations making everyone feel the happiness and enjoyment of a certain holiday. And of course, this will help you in finding the best outdoor laser lights that are out in the market today.

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