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5 Types of Awnings You Should Know About

There are many ways of improving the functionality of your home. When we reside in a home, each one of us looks out for some relaxation and comfort. Therefore, our major focus should be on improving this particular aspect. In this regard, awnings are one of the most widely sought-after home improvement options. An awning is a kind of secondary covering that can be attached to the outer wall of a building.

The canvas used for making an awning is woven of materials like cotton, polyester, and acrylic. However, the most commonly found canvas is the one that is made from polyester fabric, having a lamination of vinyl. An awning is constructed by stretching the canvas tightly over a frame of metal, aluminium or steel. Since aluminium is quite light in weight, therefore most of the suppliers of awnings prefer aluminium as the frame for the same.

Different options to choose in the market, there are various types of awnings available, and each category has its features, pros, and cons. Hence, if you are planning to purchase an awning for your property, it would be better to get some ideas about the varieties available. Check out the options explained below:

#1. Retractable awnings– It is a kind of awning that can be easily rolled or folded up with the help of a simple mechanism. It offers flexibility and is effective in restricting the entry of dirt and dusting particles. Another major advantage associated with these awnings is they can easily soak up the dangerous sun rays. In addition, they provide you protection during bad weather. Talking about the maintenance, they are free from hassles.

#2. Motorized awnings– As the name suggests, this type of awnings come loaded with a motor, which can be used for expanding and retracting the awning. For this reason, the operation becomes very much convenient and better. In the case of a manually operated awning, sometimes you may have to put a lot of effort in opening and retracting the awning.

#3. Portable awnings– These awnings are quite small in size and light in weight, which makes it possible to move from one place to another easily. Since the frames used in this case are quite light in weight and thin as well, therefore you cannot expect the portable awnings to be sturdy enough. Nevertheless, if you simply want to get protection from sunrays and dust particles, a portable awning will never disappoint you.

#4. Stationary awnings– Made from sturdy materials, these awnings are installed permanently to the outer walls, doors, and even windows. Apart from being sturdy, they are stable and thus capable of withstanding the harsh elements of weather, such as winds, rain, and hail storm too. This kind of awnings can be customised very easily, and you can get it designed as per the functionality and aesthetic requirements of your home.

#5. Window covers– If you want to block the harsh sunrays entering into your living space through the windows, then this kind of awnings could be an ideal option.  These awnings come both in manual and motorised version, and they can really add more beauty to the interior décor of your home.

So, those were some of the major types of awnings available in the market these days. Once you have finalised the category you want to go with, it is the time to find a reliable supplier too. Therefore, it is vital to check out the reviews of the suppliers you have in your mind.

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