Planning A Dining Room For Surprising Your Valentine

So it is that time of the year again when you re-affirm the vows of love with your sweetheart and generally have a splendid time in the company of each other. If you’re really committed to the relationship, you’ll find that you will unhesitatingly do a few extra things to make her feel extra special. After all you’re a gentleman, are you not? Most couples prefer to spend Valentine’s Day on a vacation or a short trip, but for this year I suggest you do it a bit differently. I promise you that the results will far exceed your expectations.

Dining Room
Dining Room

What are the factors to consider when you choose a dining room for inviting your guests?

Colour Scheme of the room:

The theme is important but it does not necessarily mean red all the way. She could have a favorite color and doing up the dining room in that color will definitely impress her. It shows you have put effort into it.

The fundamentals:

The tablecloth should preferably be white as it gives you options to play around with. White also will enhance the things on the table. Then comes the important issue of cutlery, bring out the best you have, even if it’s the sterling silver family set for Christmas. When it comes to cooking, if you rustle up her favorite dish, you’re in for a few extra hugs and kisses for sure. But at the same time, you also need to put in an elegant decoration for the dining room so that the invited people do not feel disheartened.

Table decoration:

Flowers and candles are the best in decorating a Valentine’s Day dinner table. If you have a centre piece on the mantle, you can put it on the table, makes for a nice distraction.

  • If she is partial to fragrances, try aromatic candles with her favorite scent and see to it that its placed in a strategic position to evenly distribute the scent around the room. Some other options are to place candles in glass bowls and tall glasses to add some light and warmth to the proceedings.
  • Another idea is if you have a big glass bowl, you can fill it with scented water and rose petals and a few floating candles, how romantic is that huh? Not bad at all.
  • Lanterns are also a good idea if its dinner that you have in mind, there are so many different lanterns that lend different color shades to the same room to create a surreal atmosphere and enhance the endorphins.
  • A firefly jar is a very unique decoration for your table and something most people have not seen. You need to cut a glow stick and empty it into a jar. Then add some glitter, in fact lots of it, shake and seal the jar. The effect will pay off, trust me on this one.

Just because its Valentine’s Day and you are, the man does not mean that a few things can’t be to your preference without upsetting the overall effect. If you like nature, bring in some potted plants, specially violets and roses. A few select pebbles scattered randomly on the dining table will give her the feeling of a natural environment. A red rose in bloom (without thorns of course) and a thoughtful love letter will go a long way in furthering your relationship to the next level. After the meal, unwind with her over some champagne and if you have a wall-mounted television in the dining room coupled with a couch for two, nothing like it.

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