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Different Types of Roller Shutters for Homes and Offices

Be it your home or even commercial space, roller shutters are a boon for people who want to make the most of security and also enhance the decorative aspect of rooms. Basically you can choose from an array of shutters these days. These can be made of different kinds of materials that range from aluminum to galvanized materials or even a mixture of steel or other metals. They offer longevity, aesthetic appeal and also enhance the decor. So here are some options-

Built – On And Built- In

These are all about incorporating the roller shutters into the basic window design and hence the name built-in comes in because they are within the beam of the window structure. On the other hand, the built-on type is the one where the shutter tends to be fixed on the outer side of the window or the door. Now, in either case the advantage that you get is security along with a cool design. Along with these, there are also variations here like integrated shorter designs that use the windows and the shutter being combined into a single unit.

Manual Roller Shutters

 The manual roller shutters are the ones that are operated manually and they are more suited for smaller spaces. However, a lot of industrial units use these manual shutters because they are much sturdier and also use a pulley to operate them. In some variations, there are also shutters that operate both on electricity and manually too. Besides these, you can also get a variation that go from side to side.

Electric or Automatic

The electric or the automatic type of window shutters, door shutters or any other kind of the roller shutters would make use of a tubular motor within roller. It can also be operated automatically by installing automatic system. There are a lot of variations in these electric shutters that range from the standard remote control operated ones or even those that just need a push button to get these down or up.

Grill Rolling

These are a variation of roller shutters that more suited for warehouses and storage areas. These are made of rounded bars that are usually steel and offer optimum security. Since the display window in most showrooms is made of glass, they usually prefer having these shutters on the outside for optimum security and yet providing a light view of the things inside. Since they are usually motorized they are very smooth in operating and can be handled with ease.

Roller Shutters

Perforated Rolling

The perforated roller shutters are more suited for people who are looking for a budget and want to avoid something extravagant. Hence, this really works well for the smaller stores and showrooms. They make use of galvanized steel here that is then put together with other materials. You get the dual combination of a grill and shutter here that really works in providing optimal security.

Aluminum Roller Shutters 

Standard roller shutters made of aluminum remain a popular choice here because the material is light, sturdy, provides insulation and is also made up of a material that is resistant to corrosion. Not only do you get the benefits of dual strength and decorative value here but with these shutters you are not also bothered with environmental issues and constraints of the weather.

You can make these roller shutters as sturdy as you want and pick from an array of designs to suit your budget and security requirements. A balance of security with a good visual appeal is what roller shutters provide a home and office with.

These are a few essential aspects you should know about roller shutters in your home and office. Keep in touch get more information!

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