Advantages and disadvantages of working as a locum GP

Locum jobs in Australia provide the chance for UK GPs to find out what it is like to work in Australia without any long-term commitment. It also allows the opportunity to experience many parts of the country.

 There are many GP locum jobs in Australia and at Alecto, we can talk you through your options if this is something you are considering. But before deciding there are things to consider and a number of advantages and disadvantages to taking on a locum job.

Before getting into these there are two types of GP locum jobs in Australia, those who already hold registration and those that don’t. The differences in these include a difference in the minimum stay you are required in the job. Also, the locations into where you will be able to get employed can be slightly different.

Advantages and disadvantages of working



There are a number of advantages of taking a GP locum job in Australia. The flexibility of the job allows you to control where and when you want to work. Being in Australia will allow you to explore the country alongside performing the job. You won’t need any authorization to do this as you will be self-employed.

Being self-employed also means you don’t have to commit to one practice, and you can choose where you work. It allows you to see how different places work and not get involved in any internal politics at practices. Working as a locum can also provide you with an understanding of whether working at a particular practice would be beneficial for you on a long term basis. It gives you the chance to decide if it’s the place for you before committing to a salaried position.


Being a locum can also come with its disadvantages with isolation a key one. In some practices you can arrive, be shown your room, see your patients and then leave. Of course, this can be a shock for some newly qualified GPs and if you are changing practices regularly it can be tricky building relationships with the staff there.

Self-employment might be a good thing with some scenarios but in a locum job you won’t have any employment rights. These will include no paid holidays or sick pay. You would obviously need to make requirements to cover your costs if you are ever off due to sickness, or unable to work for some time.

Finally, one main disadvantage is the uncertainty surrounding working as a locum. There is no guarantee that you will be able to work as much as you plan too. There may be cases where GPs are up against each other when it comes to working locum sessions. Of course, you may not know how much you will earn each month either. For many this might not be an issue, but others may struggle to cope with this.


 Like with many jobs there are always advantages and difficulties and plenty of things to consider. As mentioned, if you are considering a GP locum job then Alecto will be happy to sit and speak with you and take care of any questions or concerns you may have.

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