Everything You Need to Know About Dexion Racking

Dexion was established in London by Demetrius Comino. It is a revolutionary product that can change the face of your warehouse or factory! This adjustable shelving and racking system solution has been available to the public since 1940. These days they do not only have innovative pallet racking for warehouses but also have products available for office use as well. Their archive storage racks and shelves are best for office use. The expertise and experience in Dexion racking gives them the ability to provide the best solutions over the globe.

Dexion racking is not just about selling products to various companies and warehouses, it is also about providing a complete and proper service to a company ranging from planning, working, and lastly maintenance. Retail, manufacturing, warehouses, automotive industries, and other distribution centers can really benefit from these racking systems. Given below are the popular three types of the racking system products available at their store.

Dexion Racking
Dexion Racking

Dexion Standard Wide Aisle Pallet Racking

This is a standard P90 wide aisle dexion racking that provides your employees at the warehouse and unobstructed access to all the pallets every time. This racking system is flexible, and the racks can always be assembled at single or double depth. This racking system can easily be adjusted according to your storehouse requirements because it is available in a variety of sizes. P90 racking system is best suited for all pallets like mesh boxes, bins, Euro, disposable and Chep etc. This adaptive and future proof system is perfect due to the different angle supports, beams and the range of accessories.

Dexion Narrow Aisle Racking

If you have a small warehouse or if you are facing a space crunch at your office, then the dexion narrow aisle pallet racking is the best solution for you. This is the ultimate space saver product by the company and saves you a lot of time, energy and space! While giving you the maximum storage capacity for your storehouse or office it can also deliver the orders quickly and gives you ease of access to each of the dexion racking systems. The narrow aisle racking system packs in a host of features to facilitate the best use of space and fast packing of orders. This product is small but efficient for use in a variety of industries with limited space. It is more of a construction set-up which can be used neatly in offices, small retail stores, etc. The shelves and beams are height and depth adjustable. It assures greatest flexibility to the owner regarding the movement of men for picking the products like man-down, man-up and high stacking etc. This system is also well known as a convenient pallet racking for a fast pick-up of the orders right from the pallet! The handling equipment is automatic and is usually directed by rail or wire.

Dexion Racking
Dexion Racking

Dexion Mobile Pallet Racking

The Dexion mobile racking system is a dynamic way out that provides double storage facility in the available area. These racking systems have complete flexibility and technical superiority over others and are suitable for storing all kinds of goods, accessories, and products. It comes with a large range of accessories. It is a high load dexion racking system which moves on the ground rails.

Dexion Pallet Shuttle System

The dexion pallet shuttle system is semi-automatic and heavy storage solution for the large warehouse or retail superstore set-ups. They have inner channels that are similar to drive in for a proper pallet flow arrangement. This is a time saver and cost-effective solution for many retail superstores these days. you do not require a forklift to enter the set-up.

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