What is Podiatry and How Can It Address the Health Issues?

Podiatry is that branch of medicine, which relates to the diagnosis and study, surgical or medical treatment of ailments regarding ankle and foot. It is now practiced as a specialty in various parts of the world. Any kind of ailment relating to your feet will impact the entire body. If your walking biomechanics are misaligned due to any damage to the feet or ankle, it can lead to an issue of overarching in your hips, knees, legs and the back. If the pain is chronic, you may not feel like exercising. This can aggravate the condition. Thus, podiatry eliminates the issues related to your feet, so that normal motion is restored.

Podiatrists or the ones indulged in podiatry are extremely qualified to treat different foot and ankle ailments. Whether the issue relates to a sports injury, diabetes, any skin problem, etc. podiatry is the specialized branch to bring about a quick recovery.

What is the Role of a Podiatrist?

The extremely qualified medical professionals can treat any type of disease relating to foot and ankle. They will, first of all, identify the disease and then start the treatment. And after treatment, they need to read these health tips for safe and healthy life. Nowadays, a podiatrist can perform surgeries including microsurgery and reconstructive surgery, administer anesthetics and sedations, prescribe the medicines, perform a range of medical examinations, performs body therapies as per the need, treat sports injuries and fractures, take ultrasounds, X-Rays and MRIs to detect the root cause of the problem.

Important Facts on Podiatry

  • It is important for a podiatrist to be licensed to perform the treatment. He must have at least 4-5 years of education in college.
  • Podiatry is an essential type of treatment, which is needed for the foot health. Many people approach podiatrists for the foot and ankle treatment to get quick relief.
  • Podiatry professionals are trained enough to treat calluses and bunions. They may also treat the toenails and corns. You may approach them for a variety of treatments like ankle injury, heel spurs, and foot injury.
  • Most of the times, it is foot which shows the signs of ailments like heart diseases, arthritis, and diabetes.
  • Some podiatrists can also perform Plantar Fasciitis and Cryosurgery.

Treat Toe Pain with The Help of a Podiatrist

Toes are constituted of muscles, small bones, and ligaments. If anything gets out of place, there is severe pain in the toe. Anyone suffering from a hammertoe or bunions must get in touch with the podiatrist immediately.

Treating Heel Pain and Tendonitis

Tendonitis occurs most commonly on the Achilles Tendon. However, still, it can occur in several regions like toes and ankles. If there is any inflammation in the area, there may be pain to restrict your motion. A podiatrist can address this condition with an ease.

How to Treat Back Pain and Knee Pain?

Many individuals fail to understand that pain in the lower body may be the result of any issue in the feet. Due to the malformation of feet, there may be problems in proper movement, balancing, and articulation. Simply administering painkillers will not do. You must target the root cause of the problem to get a quick relief.

An X-Ray is the most fantastic way to detect the root cause of any problem. If you have a severe pain in the knees that does not mean you need a surgery. Certain issues need surgery, but not all. A podiatrist can detect whether you actually need a surgery or not. It is good not to bear the pain for prolonged period of time. Therefore, timely visit to the podiatrist will help a lot.

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