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Tips for Buying Bathroom & Kitchen Taps

Hannah plans for her impending bathroom and kitchen renovation, thus, she is researching for high-quality taps that would assist her to perform everyday kitchen errands with ease by resourcefully using water. When buying a new set of taps for her new kitchen and bathroom, Hannah needs to take into account several factors.Choosing durable and reliable taps is perhaps the most important thing to do. Among other things that she requires thinking over are about the design and finish quality of the taps – do they rightly blend with the interiors.

We all know the value of water and the importance of using it prudently. Therefore, the persistence is on buying WELS rated taps and so Hannah needs to look for WELS symbol while buying her brand new taps. Some crucial tips that she could consider when buying brand new taps are mentioned below.

#Tap Types

These days, there are numerous options than ever before and so choosing a tap isn’t that simple. The various tap types accessible on the market are listed below.

Hot and cold filter taps provide you with an instant run of hot or cold purified water. Thus, you don’t have to buy expensive bottled water nor you have to boil the kettle. The tap can be installed on the side of your kitchen sink, near to your regular tap and the filtering system is meant to be installed under your kitchen’s benchtop. Once you install this properly, you can get cold or hot water at the flick of a lever, which is perfect for those who have hectic and tiring lifestyles. As these taps use less energy compared to electric kettles, they are an eco-friendly choice that aids in lowering the quantity of plastic bottles that goes into landfill.

Mixer taps provide you with the handiness of obtaining water at the set temperature as both hot and cold water is mixed before the water is delivered at a temperature which you have set. Mixer taps have unusually designed lever where vertical motion helps in controlling the water flow and the horizontal motion helps in controlling the water temperature. When you install kitchen mixer taps, you can accurately control the water temperature. For the majority of the mixer taps, chrome is a common finish as it lasts long and also it is aesthetically very pleasing to the eyes.

Pullout taps come with a flexible hose that aids you to control the spray of water, to completely suit your requirements, making it effortless to wash and clean your dishes. This pullout tap is very handy and convenient to use when there are many pots and pans to be washed and cleaned.

Other vital things that need consideration when buying taps are:

  • Think about the design of tap’s head – some variants come with a button that helps you to change the manner in which the water flows, generating a spray effect similar to that of a shower head. This attribute is especially helpful if you are rinsing and washing immovable (sort of hard) leftover food from your dishes.
  • Tap’s shape must create a feel of flow and harmony in your kitchen and so choosing a shape that rightly blends and enhances your new kitchen decor is crucial.
  • Tap’s height is also a vital factor to consider – if you regularly have to clean larger items such as baking dishes, trays, large platters; obviously a tall tap-head would be perfect which will allow for effortless washing and cleaning.

To conclude, you can buy a single tap that gives only cold water or a single tap that gives only hot water or a dual tap system that gives both cold and hot water. These days, you have access to a variety of premium bathroom and kitchen taps in Sydney from top brands like Caroma, Dorf, Novelli, Bastow, Methven, Rossto and Flexispray among others.

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