Get Instant Cash Loans from Reputed Pawnbrokers

On certain occasions in life, you will face testing times wherein you’ll require instant cash to handle the situation. In such situations, you will have limited options in front of you. Let’s look at the situation virtually – at a short notice (i.e. in very less time); you can’t obtain a loan from a bank or any other financial organisation. That leaves you the option of selling your used items at a lower price than the standard price so that you get cash instantly to fulfil your obligations. Now, you have got an option to hock or sell your used item at a pawn shop.


Let’s see how a pawnbroker/ pawn shop can help to meet your financial obligations.

Do you have used vehicles?

Well, if you have a used vehicle in running condition, you can hock it with the pawnbroker for an instant short-term cash loan. For example, you can hock your car, motorcycle, boat or any other vehicle and obtain a short-term cash loan. The best thing about pawnbroker loan is that you can get your vehicle back. At the expiry of the loan term, when you pay back the loan amount and the interest, you regain the ownership of your vehicle.

On the other hand, if you don’t repay the loan amount, pawn shop has the right to sell your vehicle and claim their loan amount and interest. The good part of it is your credit standing will not be impacted in the event where you aren’t able to pay back the loan amount.

Normally, immediate cash loans in Sydney are given for a tenure ranging from 1 day to 3 months; however, the tenure can also be lengthened by requesting to the pawn shop before the loan’s expiry (conditions apply).


Sell used vehicles to pawnbroker

In case, you’re just looking to sell your used vehicle because you want to buy a new model or a different make, you can sell your used vehicle to a pawnbroker directly – you will get a decent price. Straight away, drive your used vehicle to a pawnbroker, be it a car, motorcycle, truck or any other vehicle; the car pawnbroker will evaluate your used vehicle before you and make an instant offer. If you give your consent, you will be given instant cash money and they will take the ownership of your vehicle.

Prerequisites for pawning or selling

For pawning or selling, you’ll have to bring along your vehicle’s ownership documents and your identification proof and you must have completed 18 years of age. These are the prerequisites for completing a pawning or selling transaction.

Key benefits of pawnbroker loan
  • No paperwork is required whatsoever.
  • No credit or background checks are performed.
  • When you pawn (i.e. avail cash loan for short-term against any item placed as collateral) or sell your used vehicle to a pawnbroker, you’ll get instant cash in your hand in 30 minutes or less.
  • If you sell your second-hand vehicle to a pawnbroker, you’ll get a decent price and so you won’t feel resentful.
  • A pawnbroker has a valid license to carry out all the transactions.

To conclude, a hassle free procedure and friendly service are what you get when you approach a pawnbroker/ pawn shop for availing cash loans in Sydney.

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