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Comparing Natural Carpets with Its Synthetic Counterparts

Education plays a vital role in changing our perspective and life. In present context, the spread of education has led to environmental awareness. People are now more concerned about saving the environment and going green is the most viable choice. Furthermore, the advent of technology has led to revolution in the field of floor space covering. With the advent of natural carpets, carpeting has become even more eco-friendly. Usage of natural rugs puts less pressure on the environment. It keeps a check on pollution and helps to prevents a global crisis. Apart from carpets, using paper bags, reusable grocery bags and pool driving are some of the options that can be exercised in our day to day lives to protect the environment.

According to a study carried out by scientists, it has been found that the level of indoor pollutant surpasses the level of pollution existing outside. People use plenty of options that make everyday living pollution free and promote healthy lifestyle. One such major choice is that of natural flooring that includes using natural rugs and carpets for floor decoration. There are situations that installing all new carpet ushers along with it a harmful and toxic substance as well as cancer causing organisms. This is because these carpets are chemically treated in factories with harmful products. This is one of the main causes of an unhealthy home environment.


Floorspace offers you choice of natural carpeting that not only promote healthy indoor environment but also mitigates the pertinent risk of any health hazards arising from the use of synthetic carpeting.

Floorspace natural carpets are the most viable option to synthetic carpeting. Natural carpets are made from natural products that may be conventional and non conventional. Some of the examples could be listed as sisal carpets, jute carpets, seagrass or coir carpets. Floorspace offers you with the best natural carpets that have a lightweight backing and use natural products like cotton for padding. Floorspace uses 100 percent cotton padding and not plastic padding like most of the companies do to save on money.

Using natural carpets at home will put you closer to environment and you can do your bit to preserve the environment. Also the other attributes of natural carpets can be listed as :

They are strong and sturdy and are therefore the most suitable choice for high traffic areas like living room, children playroom among others.

They are flame resistant, that is they do not catch fire easily.

They have high sound absorbing qualities. Not only this, they can absorb moisture in the atmosphere that regulates humidity to considerable levels.

Natural carpets look great on any floor space. Also, they are great insulators of heat. On the contrary, synthetic carpets generate static electricity, melt on high temperatures and rapidly wear away. Natural carpets are way better than this with their anti static and hardwearing capacities.

To sum it up, purchasing a natural carpet from Floorspace is a rewarding and satisfying experience. Owing to its beneficial effects on environment and five star appearance, it is definitely the intelligent customer’s choice.

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