Top 5 Important Things to Consider Before Opening a Cattery

Cattery is a house where cats are kept for a limited period of time. Cattery is basically a place where cats are looked after for some time till the purpose of their stay is over. The cattery can be of two types. One is a boarding cattery. Such places serve as a kennel to cats whose owners are away on holidays or are shifting houses or have construction work going on at home. There are people who take proper care of the cats in these catteries. The second type of cattery is a breeding cattery. Here cats are kept for the breeding purpose either for hobby or for business reasons. 

You can open a cattery as a part of your job. But it is always difficult to care about other’s pet. Caring for pet animals is a huge responsibility. When you decide to take up the business of starting a cattery, you need to be prepared for hard physical work and full dedication. You need to be fit and active as you need to do a lot of running, bending and other activities. You also need to care for cats otherwise you can’t run a cattery.

Below are the 5 Things to consider:

There are lots of things you need to see before you decide to start such business. A lot of questions need to be answered and a lot of preparations need to be done before you open a cattery.

1. What kind of cattery you wish to open?

The most important thing is to decide on what kind of cattery you are going to open. People usually open a boarding cattery. If you are opening a boarding one, you need to decide about the style and design of the place. You can buy an existing one or buy a newly-built house and convert it into a cattery. If you are buying a new one then you need to decide its design and convert the house accordingly.

2. Aim of running a cattery

If you have the aim of earning profits only then running a cattery can’t work for you. You need to be passionate about cats. You need to be loving and caring towards them as you will have to spend days with them. Your clients won’t come back to you if you don’t give them guarantee that their pets will be taken care of. Hence profits can come only if you are dedicated to the caring of the cats.

3. Location

Where do you want to start your cattery is also very important. If a place has already some catteries then it will be a complication for you to create a cattery against an established business. Your boarding should be situated ata place where competition is less but where you can get good clients. Also there should be good views and enough space for pets to enjoy while their owners are away.

4. Permission

Before you start to build a new cattery, you need to take permission from the local authorities for planning permission. You need to deposit all the papers and planning designs to them. You also require a license for running a cattery. The local authority will issue a license under the Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963 and you will have annual inspections from them after your work starts.

5. Mental Preparation

You need to be mentally prepared before you decide to plunge into the business of running such boarding for cats. This job requires hard labor and profits fluctuate. The best time for business is during holidays which mean you won’t be getting away from work during such time. You won’t be getting much holiday yourself. And you need is the convincing power to assure your clients that their pets will be safe with you.

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