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9 Necessary Instructions to Follow During the Scaffolding Rental Process

In most construction sites, you will find scaffolding to help workers reach the upper levels. Big time builders construct or buy their own scaffolding. However this essential building material does come at a relatively high price. Smaller builders who cannot invest money on scaffolding opt for scaffolding rental.

There are 9 necessary instructions to follow as you decide on scaffolding rental.

  1. As a builder, the first step is to determine the way in which the scaffolding needs to be used. Builders, with the help of expert engineers work out the necessary scaffolding pieces to rent as cost of scaffolding can vary.
  2. Sometimes, due to cost constraints, builders may choose to eliminate renting platforms and toe boards. This is definitely a bad idea as safety of workers must be the top priority. Without a proper, flat platform to stand on as they work, their safety will be greatly compromised leaving them at a risk of fall and injury.
  3. Scaffolding rental may look tempting without the necessary platform on which workers walk during constructions, especially if you have stray scrap pieces that can be used. However, considering the safety of your workers, it is recommended to rent the scaffolding from reliable hirers who provide highly stable materials which have great quality.
  4. There is an increased hazard for by-standers if the workers accidentally trip materials or tools off the platform. To prevent this from happening, platforms in the best scaffolding is lined with toe boards on the edge. During the scaffolding rental process, make sure that you rent toe boards too in the interest of the safety of workers and bystanders.
  5. Before approaching a scaffolding hirer for scaffolding rental, it is imperative to take the help of your engineer to determine the amount of piping required. Keeping this in mind, ensure that the rental company you choose is able to provide you with the right amount of materials.
  6. Before signing on the dotted line, go carefully through the contract and see how the scaffolding can be used and the duration for which you can use it. In case of material failure or breakage, find out who is responsible as mentioned in the contract. In case the contract stipulates that the builder is responsible for the damage, you may have to shell out a fortune.
  7. Another important aspect of scaffolding rental to consider is the way materials will be transported to the work site. These materials can be transported only with the help of a large truck as platforms, piping, couplers and toe boards are bulky and heavy. If builders do not have the right sized truck to transport the scaffolding, certain scaffolding rental companies will deliver materials for extra charge.
  8. It is important to set up the scaffolding with the help of an expert to ensure maximum stability and optimum safety. Steps to follow after scaffolding rental include ensuring that all employees wear hard hats and to make sure that scaffolding footings are not set on frozen or soft grounds. They must be rigid and sound and set firmly on to the ground.
  9. Expert scaffolding installers also make sure that the castors and wheels are firmly locked after ensuring the scaffold is at level. After scaffolding rental, installers also need to ensure that the front and back platforms and those on the side are complete and can hold at least four times its intended load capacity.

Professionals also ensure workers’ safety by putting in place ladders that allow them to get on and off the scaffold. Most importantly, they make sure that the scaffold is installed at a safe distance from electrical outlets. Last but not the least, whether you go for new scaffold or scaffolding rental, it is imperative to get a competent person to inspect the scaffold before using it.

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