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How Beneficial is Permeable Paving?

Permeable pavements is a porous substance which can get hold of the water droplets or the surface runoff which them preserves the water in the reservoir and also filters the water in the layers of the soil. It generally consists of concrete, asphalt and open pore pavers. Permeable paving is generally used in parking lots, sidewalks, low traffic roads, driveways, etc. These generally help to improve the quality of water and lower the condition of urban runoff. You can use permeable block paving, and porous asphalt and high-quality concrete to decorate your driveways. The seepage of rainwater will not be the same for asphalt driveways and for concrete varieties so you need to choose the porous materials like limestones, sand and gravel accordingly.

Permeable paving is beneficial in many ways. Some of them are as follows:

Reduces Puddles

Standing water is always very irritating especially when it stands for a long time in the driveway. It is really difficult to get away with puddles from a flat area until and unless a permeable surface is used. This is the reason why the permeable surface is installed so as to reduce the number of puddles as much as possible.

Natural Filtration

These surfaces help in the filtration process of the rainwater which is stored in the underground. It helps in the removal of the impurities and the pollutants in the water. Thus, this can act as a restraint to water pollution. If you install permeable paving, there will be no pollution depending on natural pollutants and the components will not affect the type of paving even through years.

Flood Prevention

Not all floods are caused by the overflow of the rivers; some of the floors are also caused because of the overflowing of surface water because it raises the level of the storage of the drainage system. Here, the permeable paving acts a barrier. These pavements can absorb the excess water which can then prevent flooding. This is a type of paving that can also be used for houses all across deserts and also beside the rivers. Permeable paving is always better than traditional paving and it also costs less.

Decreased The Heat Island Effect

Heat islands have become quite popular in the cities and towns. This generally happens because a large portion of the land of the cities is covered by asphalt paving. This happens because they have a tendency to absorb heat and thus this leads to the increase of temperature. This is the reason why permeable paving is used which allows the soil with the passage of air. This can decrease the level of temperature. It is completely safe to be used during all seasons, and it provides you the required durability.

Sustainable and Natural Materials

Permeable paving is generally made up of natural materials, mostly the recycled ones. Even some of the pavements are made of plant extracts. They are quite aesthetic in nature.

Easy Installation

These installations are generally low priced. Asphalt and concrete surfaces are not required in the installation process. The process is very easy; you just need to clean the surface where it is intended to be installed. After this, the grids are laid and then covered on the entire area.


Permeable paving last longer than the other kinds of surfaces. It can also hold heavy equipment like backhoes, dump trucks, loaders, 18 wheelers, etc. The joints make them more tensile and flexible. They are also not prone to cracks and fissures and thus less likely to get damaged. They do not form potholes like asphalt.

These are some of the reasons why permeable pavements are widely used nowadays. Some of the common areas where these are used are lawn parking, permanent parking, driveways, etc. They are also used to prevent soil erosion.

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