Cordless Nail Guns: An Increasing Preference In The Industry

The days of pneumatic tools are slowly getting numbered as cordless tools are gaining prominence in the industry. The former, which primarily used electricity and air to function, needed a lot of attention and also affected the hearing capacities of the users. But as the latter is a hassle-free alternative that provides more power in less price, they are increasingly becoming famous in the industrial market. Cordless nail guns also provide the same functions as that of a pneumatic gun and handle all kinds of surfaces, from hard to soft.

 Advantages of Nail Guns: 

  • Cordless nail guns do not create any loud sound while being used.
  • There are no wires as that of the primitive model which used to get entangled and caused troubles in working.
  • They can be carried anywhere without the worry of proper power supply and accessibility.
  • They are more durable and can work more ruggedly that the pneumatic nail guns.
  • They give a better consistency in the nail depth.

Cordless Nail Gun

Types of Cordless Nail Guns: 

There are two types of cordless nail guns that are primarily used:

  • Framing Nail Guns – They are very powerful and strong tools which are mostly used in construction sites for fitting big nails on wooden structures.
  • Finish Nail Guns or Brad Nail Guns – They are used in smaller industries for the finishing of low-scale products. They are used in nailing the baseboards, fixing the sheet materials like ply, moldings and other sheets.

What to Check in a Nail Gun while Purchasing? 

There are several factors that must be checked while choosing a nail gun:

  • Weight – The work that one is going to get from the nail gun is very important to know before buying it. If the nail gun is not required to be placed overhead for long, then a heavy weighing nail gun can be purchased. More powerful machines generally tend to weigh heavier, up to 10 pounds each unit.
  • Features – There are certain features like the ‘timer mode’ and ‘bump mode’ which are not available in all cordless nail guns. These can be used when nails are to be fitted in bulk and accuracy is not that important. Such aspects can set the gun to nail at common intervals of time and get the work done more quickly. Also, the nail guns which are angled can be used easily in inaccessible spaces and for light work.
  • Job Preference – The job that needs to be done by the nail gun should be given most priority while choosing one.

Nail Gun

What is the Price Range For A Cordless Nail Gun? 

Heavy functioning nail guns can be priced around 450 Australian Dollars or 350 US Dollars. For light, low-key work, the nail guns available are priced at around 130 Australian Dollars or 100 US Dollars.

How Do Battery-Powered Cordless Nail Guns Work?

The battery power cordless nail guns have an internal compressor to run on. There is a motor inside the nail gun which can drive the piston forward to compress air and this air pressure pushes the nail to the target. There are no hassles of hoses and compressors in the battery-driven nail guns.

Other Powering Agents In Cordless Nail Guns:

Fuel powered cordless nail guns are also available which when turned on, inject a little amount of fuel in the gun and a spark from the battery causes a very small explosion which pushes the nail towards the target. Angular nail guns and looked out for different nail guns.

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