Necessary information about 457 visas

Through 457 visa programs, foreign or Australian employers can be sponsored by skilled foreign workers to work temporarily in Australia. This Visa sub-class complete application is short-term business (sub-class 457) basic job guardianship.

People with this type of visa can work in Australia between 1 day and 4 years. It also allows them to be included in the eligible members of their family, which includes the same-sex partners. These people have also been given unrestricted studies and work rights in Australia, the holders can come because they please do so because in this country. There is no limit on the bar they can travel and out.

The Australian Government should accept all qualified employers when an employee decides to transfer to another sponsor, then he must obtain a new sponsorship and visa, to provide an employee with English skills and minimum qualification level as well as health and should also be needed.

The changes announced on April 18, 2017, will be completed in March 2018. According to the government’s announcement, Temporary Work Visa (Subclass 457) will be replaced by temporary Skills Deficit Visas (TSS). Temporary skill reduction visa will support businesses in addressing the lack of real skills and will be prepared by two barrages:

  • Short Term and Single Visa Renewal Option for two (2) years of validity

  • Four years of validity (up to 4) years of age and option of visa renewal and route for permanent residence (3) Three years later.

The proposed major improvement is:

  • A modified skilled business listing aligned with Australian market applicants will be required:

  • Are below 45 years of age

  • Accomplish the on job training of minimal two (2) years in their expertize field

  • Give an English exam

  • Make sure your taxes match the Australian tax office records

  • Offer a penal approval   certificate

These amendments have been made in the sub-class 457 visa program for sponsored skilled migration visas. Major changes in this area have been highlighted below for better understanding of the current scenario associated with efficient immigration.


Only a limited number of professions are qualifying for this checklist.

To know more about the qualifying occupation list, contact Adelaide Migration Agent.

Temporary work (skilled) visa (subclass 457)

  • The English language salary discount section has been removed. This means that immigrants should now take appropriate English language proficiency test.

  • There will be no need for working criterion now, only a fixed amount will be payable for Skilling Australian Funds.

  • Background certification and evacuation certificates are needed from all visa appliers.

  • This scheme determines that a temporary skilled visa is provided for 4 years when claimed by the employer or through overseas business needs.

Owners of 457 Visas are qualified for bank loans and there is no limit on how often they can visit outside the country. The bank is fine with this because 457 holders are on the lasting job in the country and they have huge possibilities of permanent housing.

This means that the non-resident workers with 457 visas will have the capability to obtain permanent housing after working for two years with the employer who sponsors them. Employers must also provide full-time status to nominated business holders. Because these visas are highly responsive to the needs of the labor market, the Government has also admitted that those reviews are eligible for preference.

Find out more about 457 visas from a reputable Migration Agent in Adelaide; they can aid you to find the way the legal system and can provide important advice for you to get permanent residency.

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