Myths Related to Outdoor Light Suppliers That Probably Not True!

#1. LED Outdoor Lighting is expensive:

The users believe that they need to pay more in order to pay for this kind of lighting. But this does not go the same way. Yes, it is true that the initial cost of the product is higher as compared to the other types of lighting but one cannot ignore the benefits after using it. The long-term LED outdoor lighting costs 1/5 what traditional halogen lighting or other systems use.

#2. Using this product is time-consuming:

This can be considered as the second myth related to LED outdoor lighting as it generally takes half or a day to fully install you’re all the lighting system for both the front and back of the house.

#3. It requires me to be home during installation:

Most of the people think that the installation process of the lighting system is so crucial that they need to be at home for the same. But in reality, the trusted crew or outdoor light suppliers can work easily at your home while you are managing your work and when you return, you can see that the system is fully installed.

#4. Too many hidden costs:

Well! It is the most common myth among people that the lighting system undergoes a number of hidden costs. But in actual, you get free from the 95% of the cost in the beginning only. And the remaining 5% can be considered as the unforeseen instances which may include the installation process and all.

#5. It does not last as they promised:

Some people think that the longer time period of the LED outdoor lighting is just a fake promise to attract consumers. And they need to replace them time to time. But seriously, it is not like that as most of the LED bulbs come with a warranty of more than 15 years of usage.

#6. I can do it cheaper:

This myth can be considered as a half-truth. This is because a homeowner can definitely do outdoor lighting cheaper by going through the internet and search for professional LED lighting, wiring, wire-nuts, transformers and the like.

#7. An installer can get me better prices on my materials and labor:

Yes, there are certain pros of hiring an installer as they can offer you better discount rates on the product. But the outdoor light suppliers can be with you for a long term. They hear your needs and exceed their expectations according to that.

#8. It’s not possible to install in the middle of winter:

It is totally clueless, why people think like that. Outdoor Lighting can be year-round if the ground is not frozen.

All you need to do is to make a contact with the Jujia Lighting, and we can fulfill all your needs on time.

#9.  All outdoor lighting companies are the same.

Well, this is like judging the different options in the same category. No doubt, there are a number of led light manufacturers but hiring the one who can meet your expectations, depends on you. Beware of getting stuck with the uninsured, inexperienced and sloppy ones.

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