How to Peel a Kiwifruit – The Easiest Way

Okay.  Today I’m going to show you the easiest way to peel a kiwifruit.

For this you will need a chopping board, a kiwifruit, a sharp knife, I’m using one that’s made by the same guys who make the Swiss Army knife, and a teaspoon.

Okay. So we start by slicing off the ends of your kiwifruit like that. Slice them off straight down and put those on one side.


Okay.  The next thing you do is take the teaspoon and push it under the skin so that the back of the spoon is just under the skin.  And you’ll find that you can work all the way around under the skin at one end.  Don’t worry if the skin splits, that’s quite normal.

Then turn the kiwifruit around and do exactly the same at the other end.  Work it around underneath the skin like that.

Okay.  And then when you’ve finished just give the skin a little squeeze and out pops your perfectly peeled kiwifruit with very little waste and hardly any mess.

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